About Sonali Publishing House

Sonali Publishing House is one of the largest and fastest- growing publishing houses and distributors of books in Bangladesh. It embarked on its journey in the publication industry on the glorious Independence Day of Bangladesh in 1996. Since then, over the past 16 years, it has been able to curve out a niche in the industry as a dignified and distinguished publisher. Its role as a promoter of creative and scholarly writings has been well appreciated by the intellectuals and academics, both at home and abroad.

Sonali Publishing House publishes virtually in all fields, including dictionaries, languages, language movement of Bangladesh, Bangladesh war of liberation, history, politics, economics, sociology, socio-cultural issues, autobiography, memoires, anthropology, religion and religious literature, poetry, stories and novels. Sonali Publishing House publishes children's books with great care, taking their psychological aspect into consideration. It has a wide range of translated books- from other languages to Bangla and from Bangla to English. Sonali Publishing House's attempt of diversifying its publications is making its product list rich and colorful. Sonali Publishing House has been tirelessly gearing its efforts to make the source of knowledge available to the distinguished readers.

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